Limpia tu teléfono móvil: así es como se limpia el teléfono inteligente

Clean your mobile phone: this is how you clean your smartphone

Clean your mobile phone: this is how you clean your smartphone

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A certain source of germs is often overlooked when cleaning – the cell phone! We always have our smartphones close at hand, be it on the train, in the pub or in the bathroom. No matter where your smartphone is – you need to clean it regularly!

General tips for cleaning your mobile phone

As such, the question “Why should I clean my smartphone?” you don’t have to ask anything. But in addition to the obvious hygiene reasons, there are other facts that speak in favor of regular cleaning: A freshly cleaned screen emits richer colors. It is possible that the loose connection in the charging socket is simply deposited dust. This can be removed very easily. And the headphone jack should be clean too – the sound from the microphone and headphone has clearly improved.

Use only clean cloths to clean your phone. These should preferably be made of microfiber, as the material is particularly low-lint. There are additional cleaning agents for electrical screens and devices that are specially designed for touch screens and sensitive screens. Other cleaning agents, such as glass cleaners, can even damage the device in the worst case. Alcohol and soap should also be used with caution, as they attack the grease-repellent properties of the screen material.

Cleaning agents should never be applied to the device itself. Always moisten a cloth with the cleaner. This is how you prevent too much liquid from getting into your device. In the worst case, this liquid could penetrate the cracks and openings in the case and damage your smartphone. Even if your cell phone is classified as waterproof, most manufacturers are not responsible for damage. You can determine if your smartphone is waterproof using the IP class.

The specific procedure to clean your smartphone

  1. Turn off your smartphone and let it cool down. If possible, remove the battery. In this way a possible short circuit can be avoided.
  2. Remove covers and decorative elements.
  3. Remove coarse dirt from the screen, for example crumbs. To do this, blow across the screen or shake the device briefly.
  4. Take a clean, soft cloth. Do not spray the cleaning agent directly on your smartphone, but always on the cloth. This should be slightly damp, but not very damp. Then gently wipe the screen with the damp cloth until it is completely clean.
  5. Then clean the entire device. Front and rear, cracks and plug connections should be cleaned.
  6. Grooves or bushes can be carefully cleaned with a toothpick. You can also blow into the headphone jack to remove dust and crumbs.
  7. A toothpick or damp cloth will also help with stuck buttons.