Click here: The Jungle Camp on Google Maps

Google Maps is now being calibrated via Live View, which is in the "secret menu".

Google Maps offers a view of many places around the world, including RTL’s jungle camp in Australia.

It started again and this time it was accompanied by many criticisms. Despite the ongoing fires in Australia, RTL’s jungle camp (I’m a star, get me out of here) is now taking place there again. This time there is a lot of discussion. Doing a show of entertainment where the suffering of animals and people is particularly great does not sit well with everyone. Or is RTL filming their hit show right here in Germany, in an extensively refurbished studio in Cologne?

Find a jungle camp on Google Maps

At least that’s not the case according to Google Maps. In Australia there is a quite remote place that is advertised as the base camp of said show. In any case, the many trees in the area would confirm that it is actually a jungle camp. Or at least in the world. It’s probably a matter of opinion.

It’s a shame for interested fans that there are hardly any old Street View recordings nearby. You can’t get close enough through the 3D view and satellite, but you can guess the center of the camp. It would be great if Google created new recordings for fans there. But maybe it is not allowed.