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Clip extensions

Clip extensions

Long or long?

wantedon July 4, 2008 | 11:19

Long flowing hair represents pure femininity, which is why many men do not want to do without long hair of the opposite sex. Even if short haircuts have been back in fashion in terms of styling technology for a few years, every woman, at least occasionally, dreams of long, full hair that can be worn open but is also easy to style. . With clip-on extensions, this dream comes true. Therefore, we present you the various options to test the extension trend for yourself. Clip-in extensions or solder-on extensions? That is the question…

With the different types of extensions you can finally fulfill your dream of hair extensions. Anyone who thinks that all Hollywood VIPs are simply beautiful by nature is wrong. There is hardly a famous lady who has yet to discover the clip in extension trend for herself. Whether it’s Hollywood beauties like Eva Longoria, Anne Hathaway, or style icon Kim Kardashian, even if women of creation don’t always want to admit they reach for their toiletry bag almost every day to shine beautifully in every paparazzi photo, we can being sure that thick, loose hair is not a coincidence. No, it comes from the modern clip-in extensions that Hollywood thanks have their stylists work on your hair at big events. But if you think clip-in extensions are a costly Hollywood hit, you’re wrong again. Because it is expensive! The artificial hair extension is also available for the reduced budget, so that you too can fulfill your dream of having long hair without having to dig in your pocket.

Clip-in extensions: a furry affair

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let your hair down.” “Yes, but please don’t pull it so hard. I don’t know if my clip-in extensions can support your weight. ” The famous dialogue from the fairy tale “Rapunzel” could sound like this or something like this if it were carried over to the present day. Why More and more young women are fulfilling their dream of having long, full hair with permanent or trendy clip-in extensions made from synthetic or real hair.. We present you the two methods of hair extension.

Clip-in Extensions – Any Color Hair Extensions

Welding extensions

The extensions consist of real or synthetic hair. Real hair extensions are more expensive than their synthetic hair counterparts, but they also look more natural. With the old method of welding, the hairdresser attaches the extensions to his own hair using various techniques. What sounds complicated is actually very simple: The extensions are attached to the strands of your hair using an ultrasound device that uses heat and air pressure. After that, your extensions will last between six and three-quarters of a year. The costs range between 300 and 600 euros, clip-on extensions are much cheaper. However, the exact cost of a hair extension depends on the length and number of strands. The best thing to do is seek the advice of a hairdresser you trust to find out what costs you will incur if you decide which extensions are to be welded.

Long Today, Short Tomorrow: Clip-in Extensions for Creative Minds

More and more beauties rely on modern clip-in extensions. With an affordable price of around 50 euros, they are quite cheaper than weldable extensions, but you have to put them in your hair every day. Clip-in extensions are not tied into the hair or soldered to the length of the hair, but rather, as the name suggests, they are conveniently “trimmed”.. So you can decide again every day if you want to leave the house with long or short hair. With clip-in extensions you have the advantage that you can wear a fashionable short hairstyle and a long whale mane at the same time. Because depending on your mood, you can insert the clip extensions and take them out again.

The extension comparison: welded vs. Clip extensions

In comparison, clip-on extensions clearly perform better than welded extensions. While the welded hair pieces grow back and the weld spots become visible after six months, the clip-on version can be trimmed at the hairline again every day and does not grow back. Clip-in extensions are also cheaper and gentler on the hair than the welded version, as the hair does not need to be heated or welded. The clips are attached to the hair strands like a simple hair clip. The locks of hair are still tight and secure in the hair, so you don’t have to worry about your little secret being revealed even during a long wild night out.

And the winner is: clip-in extensions! Do you want full, long and shiny hair? Then you need to get acquainted with the clip-on extensions variant, because with it you have no disadvantages, only advantages! Being able to try a new hairstyle every day, but not having to? Hair dreams come true with clip-in extensions.

Image source: Hairtalk