Compartir cercano: con la nueva función de Google para Android, puede compartir archivos rápida y fácilmente con sus amigos

Close Share: With the new Google feature for Android, you can quickly and easily share files with your friends

Close Share: With the new Google feature for Android, you can quickly and easily share files with your friends

Google provides a feature for Android smartphones and Chromebooks that allows us to quickly share media and other files with other devices.

For many months there were rumors, concrete evidence and even evidence. Now the latest Google share feature for Android smartphones is official. Near Share is the name of the innovation, which can detect devices in the vicinity on the basis of Bluetooth and then quickly share media and other files. According to its own information, Google responded to years of inquiries from the Android community. Some smartphone manufacturers have already reacted with their own solutions, such as Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei.

Only Google’s solution is available to everyone. Near Share comes automatically to Android smartphones from version 6, the new feature will probably be distributed through Google Play services. Near Share will automatically choose the transmission path, announces the group. “Nearby Sharing automatically selects the best protocol for quick and easy sharing via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, or peer-to-peer WLAN. This way you can also approve when you are completely offline. “

Near Share is smart, fast and private

Near Share is designed for privacy, share files with contacts in your area. Of course, you can also configure in detail who can use this feature with you. Near Share needs to know your contacts in order to use it with them.

Near Share will initially launch on smartphones from Google and Samsung, but is already compatible with devices from other manufacturers. Google should take some time to launch, but it had already started in the last few days.

Google also promises a connection to Chromebooks to be able to exchange files quickly between the smartphone and the laptop, available in the coming months.

Close Share on video

Google’s file manager has offered a relatively similar feature for a long time.

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