¡La ropa no puede decir sí a la violación!

Clothes can’t say yes to rape!

Clothes can't say yes to rape!

At a time when more and more sexual harassment scandals are known, it must be considered that there is a certain sensitivity towards the victims. But there is still a tendency to blame the victims. So, for example, the question remains “What were you wearing?” a routine question asked when filing a report of sexual harassment or rape. Actually, it sounds innocent and yet it conveys that it could be due to your own clothing. Was the skirt too short or the neckline too large? It doesn’t matter, because Hannah Müller-Hillebrand makes it clear that clothes do not say “yes”even if you don’t want it yourself. Body hugging clothing cannot relieve the perpetrator of responsibility that he was unable to control himself and that he ignored someone else’s wishes.. He is the culprit and not the other way around. Clothing is a personal choice. How much women cover up, or at least naked, is a personal style decision and has nothing to do with legalizing an act of violence ” so Hannah.