Clueso - tanto por eso

Clueso – so much for that

Clueso - so much for that

Clueso – so much for that

wantedon 05/30/2008 | 09:21

Clueso is “So Much In” Source: Four Music

Clueso, the name has been heard a lot lately. The 27-year-old Thuringian with his soulful songs has been enthusiastic since 2001. But the sympathetic singer has only recently really made an appearance. In 2007 he was nominated for 1Live Krone and even appeared in support of Herbert Grönemeyer in front of almost a million people.

Of course, that attracts a lot of fans. And that is also clear to Clueso: “I know that Strongly in it it’s a great opportunity for me after so many people have seen me on the Grönemeyer tour. But I cannot and should not let that influence me. I don’t want to deliver a perfect album. I want to deliver a Clueso album. We always took the shot, the one that was most alive, not the one that was perfect. He was allowed, yes, he should stumble. ”

Now, is the album bad if you deliberately pick tracks that aren’t perfect? No way! Because that’s exactly what defines Clueso’s style. With him, feelings must be transmitted, the interaction of music and text is important to him, not the technology. His songs are pleasantly unconventional and take the listener into a world of thoughts that is not just about the usual pop themes. “Pop must also demand”, is his motto. His lyrics deal with the little things that one forgets in fast-paced everyday life; they are cheeky, quiet, loud and thoughtful.

Our listening tips include “Take Along,” a truly rousing song, and “Wir woll’n Sommer” because it can become an absolute summer hit and a must-have for every BBQ party. For cuddling, we recommend the tracks “Much with it” and “Write for yourself.” Because they are wonderfully calm and relaxed.

Clueso has with Strongly in it a really successful album with a lot of feeling. You can really hear the lyrics and see a meaning, or just let the perfect melodies take you into a relaxed world. And if you already liked “not an inch” and couldn’t get enough, you definitely should Strongly in it buy, because the album contains a lot of those cream pieces.

Released: 05/30/08