Cobie Smulders vuelve a estar embarazada

Cobie Smulders is pregnant again

Cobie Smulders is pregnant again

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wantedthe 22/10/2014 | 09:33

The former “How I Met Your Mother” stars are on baby fever. While Neil Patrick Harris recently celebrated the fourth birthday of his twins Gideon and Harper, his former colleague from the series Cobie Smulders can also look forward to more offspring. The mine “Robin Scherbatzky” is pregnant again!

Cobie Smulders has been happy for five years with her husband, actor Taran Killam, who is known for the hospital sitcom “Scrubs” and also played a small supporting role in “How I Met Your Mother,” and their daughter Shaelyn. Cado. Now the little family can obviously expect a new member. The American celebrity portal “E! News “confirmed the sweet news of Cobie Smulders’ pregnancy.

Cobie Smulders is pregnant with son number two

The “How I Met Your Mother” actors have had a picture book relationship for ten years, no wonder Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam want to expand their family. Cobie Smulders would not yet reveal whether five-year-old Shaelyn can expect a younger brother or sister.

Cobie Smulders praises motherhoodCobie Smulders always devoutly plays her roles in “How I Met Your Mother” or in the Hollywood blockbuster “The Avengers,” but nothing comes of her to be a mother. “I think I sleep an average of five hours a night now. But [Mutter zu sein] is the bestThe now 32-year-old revealed shortly after the birth of her first daughter on the American show “Bonnie Hunt Show.” What made the actress ‘first pregnancy difficult was the filming of the fifth season of “How I Met Your Mother,” in which Cobie Smulders’ baby bump had to be hidden with oversized bags and baggy blouses. Since the series has already been filmed, Cobie Smulders can enjoy her second pregnancy to the fullest and proudly walk her pregnancy belly down the red carpets.

We are eagerly awaiting the first pictures of Cobie Smulder’s tummy and congratulating the little family on their next offspring!

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