Coca Cola Tastethefeeling


Coca Cola Tastethefeeling

As many of you know, I mostly drink still water. But not only. I almost always drink a glass of Coca-Cola at night. It has always been like this. Anyone who has visited us (overnight) can confirm it.

For me, the glass of cola is just part of the evening… it has almost become a little ritual. Since I am not a coffee drinker, I have my Coca-Cola moment. : D To me that means “after work” and a certain end of the day. At best, add a piece of chocolate and then the evening is perfect. Micha and I usually invite each other to spend the night together until late. We continue to work a lot at night, we also do housework and a lot of bureaucracy. But Yes then we finish the job sometime, then right. Then we sit on the couch, watch TV together, nibble on something sweet and drink something delicious with it. =)

The new Coca-Cola campaign is based on how the enjoyment of a Coca-Cola is perceived with all the senses, according to the motto “Taste the feeling“. I have thought about this a few things and immersed myself in nostalgic childhood memories, which I would like to tell you a little about right away. I also brought them some great competition in this context! Then you may be curious! =)

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As you know, I work a lot, as a blogger and triple mom and all that goes with it.

Over the past year especially, the afternoon after work has become a very precious time for us. Because it’s not uncommon for Micha and I to shut down our laptops around 10-11pm. Of course, our heads will still want to keep working, but now we are quite capable of countering that.

Therefore, it has become a tradition for us to watch TV for a while late at night and to disconnect and relax together in this way.

And since, as I wrote earlier, I almost exclusively drink water during the day, I look forward to cold coke from the fridge every night, with ice cubes at best. Then it looks even more refreshing and attractive. You can recognize Coca-Cola by its color, smell, taste, and tingly feeling. It has a refreshing and individual flavor, sweet and somewhat bitter and feels very special in the mouth. You know what I mean? I recognize real Coca-Cola instantly and blindly. Micha can confirm that! : D For me, there is no drink that I prefer to have at night and in special moments.

But of course Coca-Cola is not just one part of the evening with us, but many, many other moments as well. In the restaurant, for example, we always order a drink … or when we grill with friends. And even on trips to the beach, Micha and I sometimes carry two ice cold bottles in our luggage. For me, Coca-Cola is also synonymous with childhood. It is so and cannot be hidden at all. =)

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And that brings us to the topic: childhood.

I wanted to tell you what this drink reminds me of the most to this day. But first of all: we used to have only mineral water at home for my two sisters and me. Only my parents drank Coke and Fanta in between.

But when we went to the movies together, and that happened very, very rarely,… a visit to the cinema was really something very special, so we were allowed to drink a Fanta or a Coke at the cinema every time. Then there were glass bottles with straws and a paper bag filled to the brim with popcorn.

For me, the cinema has always been a complete package of family time, a great movie, an unforgettable experience, a delicious drink, and a bag of sugar-sweet popcorn. And I loved taking the first sip of cola with the straw from the glass bottle!

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And regarding my childhood memories, I would like to raffle off something suitable for you today: two gift boxes for one. CinemaxX Cinema near you.

You can win: 2x a “Maxximum 3D” gift box each. Each gift box contains two Maxximum 3D cinema vouchers, two soft drink vouchers (0.5l) and 1 popcorn voucher (small).

Maybe you would like to spend a night for two as a couple again? Or do you have movie-age kids who would love a special visit to the movies? Either way, you can use this treat to create a nice (family) moment, sit back, drink a fresh Coke, pop some delicious popcorn, and just enjoy!

CinemaxX raffle

1.) Leave a comment below this post telling us how you perceive the enjoyment of a Coca-Cola with all your senses. Why do you like to drink them and in what situations? What do you like most besides the taste? What do you associate drinking a Coke with?

Important: Be sure to provide your email address in the field provided above your comment so that you can be contacted in the event of a win (the email address is not publicly visible!)

2.) You can participate until March 4, 2016 inclusive, at 11:59 pm

The two lucky winners will be selected from among all entrants and will then be notified by email.

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Micha and I love to drink in between Coke. As a small ritual at night and in special moments of everyday life. That is why we do not hide the fact that we really like this drink. 😉

By the way, in connection with this giveaway, it occurs to me that Micha recently gave me movie vouchers for Valentine’s Day. I think I have to organize a babysitter! : D

And now I wish you lots of fun and good luck with the giveaway!

What do you remember about Coca-Cola to this day? Do you have any special memories that you associate with him? When and in what situations do you prefer to drink them … and why?

I am waiting for comments!

Have a nice evening

your Mari

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