Club de fans universitario

College fan club

College fan club

In America, boys have already won the hearts of girls. The single Top5, Rihanna & the Pussycat Dolls’ supporting act and millions of YouTube clicks have sparked a real hype from college fan clubs in America. And slowly, the cool boy band music spills over us.

Now Varsity Fanclub is on tour with us; For three months he will tour Germany with many festival concerts, television appearances and autograph sessions. So that nothing is missed, the Varsity Fanclub of Mä reports in a daily video what is happening with them. Check out the first seven episodes!

Do you really need more information on Drew, TC, David, Bobby and Jayk? Then quickly click on and check the facts on the Varsity fan club star page. Plus: Vote VF on the Flash list to the top! A look at the Mä music forum isn’t bad either, you might find some VF fans who are crazy about the boy band…

(Photos: Charles Yunck)