Colonia 50667: ¿Meike vuelve a Berlín día y noche?

Cologne 50667: Does Meike return to Berlin day and night?

Back to BTN?

wantedthe 02/06/2013 | 06:39

Is it all over again for Meike after a few weeks at Cologne 50667? The pretty blonde posted a farewell video on Facebook with the caption “Tschö Kölle :(“.

In the Facebook video, Meike sits on the steps of the cathedral with tears streaming down her face. and explains to the fans of 50667 Cologne that her love for her boyfriend Alex has failed, for whom she especially moved to the cathedral city. Meike goes back to Cologne 50667 and returns to Berlin day and night?

Meike turns her back on Cologne 50667

The fresh start in Cologne 50667 turned out to be more difficult for Meike than expected. The “Kunstbar” staff pointed them out from the beginning And I didn’t want to integrate tattoo crazy Meike. There was always a fight, especially with Alex’s ex-girlfriend and her daughter Anna. But in the end, even her lover stopped talking to her because Alex felt cheated. So it’s no wonder Meike is not comfortable in Cologne 50667!

Cologne 50667: Meike popularized soap“I think it’s better now if I paint candles here and back to berlin go, ”explains Meike, star of Cologne 50667. Does the nice blonde really give up after just one month and leave Cologne 50667? Fans of his old series Berlin Day and Night will be happy and Meike achieved the goal of popularizing Cologne 50667 after just four weeks in the Rhine metropolis. Cologne already has 50,667 a total of 500,000 fans on Facebook[/b].[/b]We would think it would be a shame if Meike left Cologne 50667 again, but on the other hand, we hope to be able to admire her again in Berlin day and night.

Image source: RTL2