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Cologne 50667: Meike surprises with a new hairstyle


wantedon 04/10/2013 | 13:50

That Meike from “Cologne 50667” likes changes was already clear when he went from “Berlin day and night” to “Cologne 50667”. But who would have thought that Meike would also like to change externally?

Leading actress Meike from “Cologne 50667” previously had the image of the cheeky girl. The actress was best known for her tattoos and platinum blonde hair in the hit RTL II soap “Cologne 50667”. But now, apparently, Meike has decided that a change would suit her well.

Cologne star 50667 Meike has a new hairstyle

Instead of the platinum blonde hairstyle, the star of “Köln 50667”, Meike, is once again wearing natural blonde hair. But not only the hair color has changed: the main actress of “Köln 50667” has also decided on a new cut: a fringed bob that includes a pony.

Cologne 50667: Does the new hairstyle match Meike?

But does that hairstyle fit the character Meike portrays in “Cologne 50667”? Perhaps the viewers of “Köln 50667” now expect a personal change in the popular character of the series. After all, the decision that Meike would move to Cologne and start a new series was already a sudden change that no one would have expected at the time.

We would never have thought that Meike would change her hairstyle, because her hair color was a typical characteristic of her personality and it simply matched her image in “Cologne 50667”. We are curious to see if she has made any personal changes as well.

Image source: facebook / Colonia 50667