Colonia 50667 ahora en Kölsch

Cologne 50667 now in Kölsch

Cologne 50667 now in Kölsch

More local reference

wantedon 03/21/2013 | 12:07

It is no secret that the people of Cologne are a somewhat idiosyncratic people. With the many carnival rituals, their own beer and the language of Cologne, they insist on their traditions. The manufacturers of the RTL II series “Köln 50667” have already recognized this. With Grandma Lotte, a true Cologne veteran joins us. Will the “Cologne 50667” be kölscher now?

The residents of the cathedral city will be happy: with Grandma Lotte, there is finally a real Cologne woman in front of the camera in “Cologne 50667”, including Cologne wisdom. “What are the Tünnes called? In four weeks you will have forgotten ”, the Cologne veteran chatted with Anna, who is currently dealing with a great pain of love. Grandma Lotte even got so into the Cologne dialect that the producers of “Cologne 50667” had to subtitle some passages, so that audiences in the rest of Germany could follow the torrent of words from the cheerful Cologne native.

Cologne 50667: Anna was comforted by Grandma Lotte

But apart from the language, Grandma Lotte was shown in “Cologne 50667” as a Cologne woman from the picture book. At the café, the great-grandmother of the character from the series Meike happily flirted with the men present, and in the evening, Lotte cooked the sweetheart Anna with a delicious meal of blood sausage, which is probably no more popular in Germany than in the metropolis of the Rin. So does Grandma Lotte give “Köln 50667” more local flavor?Cologne 50667: Granny Lotte should now appear more oftenIt almost looks like this. After all, the creators of “Colonia 50667” had already announced that they would react to the critical voices that had been losing the peculiarities of the cathedral city in the series thus far. It is therefore not surprising that Grandma Lotte continues to appear in “Köln 50667”. “Grandma Lotte will continue to be part of the show and will appear irregularly”revealed RTL II spokesperson Jörg Neunecker of the tabloid “Express”.

We think it’s great that “Köln 50667” with Grandma Lotte is getting a little more from Cologne. At the end of the day, this way you can put yourself much better in the shoes of the series. It will be interesting to see if other Cologne veterans will find their way to the popular daily soap.

Image source: © RTL II