Colonia 50667: Nueva entrada Patrizia quería ser la nueva Daniela Katzenberger

Colonia 50667: New entry Patrizia wanted to be the new Daniela Katzenberger

Colonia 50667: New entry Patrizia wanted to be the new Daniela Katzenberger

Annabelle boom

wantedon 02/28/2013 | 10:44

She is the new face on “Köln 50667” and has big plans: Annabelle Boom, who plays Patrizia in “Köln 50667”, is working on a major television career.

First she wanted to become the official successor to Daniela Katzenberger, now she is starting her acting career with “Köln 50667” and at some point she wants to be the new Stefan Raab: Annabelle Boom is really taking off! When Daniela Katzenberger was looking for her official successor, the Heidelberg native was in her element. Today she is happy that with her role as Patrizia in “Colonia 50667” she took the step from reality to acting..

Annabelle Boom now also belongs to Cologne 50667

“I can only imagine my own documentary when I am a little older. I already find my life interesting, but when you are acting you can show yourself very differently, for example you can play love scenes or show a completely different side of yourself “, reveals the 26-year-old to the portal” ” . . Annabelle Boom has no problem with love scenes: “Acting is not that difficult for me at first, and I also have no problem with love scenes and more revealing scenes. After all, it’s not pornography, it’s just hinted at, ”he explains. In “Colonia 50667” you can now show your talent.

“Colonia 50667”: Patrizia has big plans for her future

Her role as Patrizia in “Köln 50667” is supposed to be just the beginning, Annabelle Boom also wants to succeed behind the camera. “First of all, I want to become famous in front of the camera. And then at some point I would like to have my own production company, like Stefan Raab. He’s been in front of the camera and behind the camera, he’s practically built his own empire and he’s developing his own television formats, I think that’s really impressive, ”enthuses the blonde from“ Cologne 50667 ”.

We are curious to see how Annabelle fares as Patrizia in “Köln 50667” and we wish her every success with her ambitious plans.

Image source: RTL II