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Comment: Telecommunications trade is systemically relevant

Symbolbild eines Virus

In order for the economy to continue to function at least partially, all businesses can somehow switch to the home office and part-time work. A country learns the possibilities of digitization in an instant. Some industries are important so that there is no panic and public order can be maintained. You can’t imagine what it would be like if food ran out, freight logistics collapsed, or telecommunications networks failed.

In times of quarantine and social distance, the Internet and cellular networks are of special importance. The importance of people staying in touch with each other despite all circumstances can be seen especially in the refugees who come to us from crisis areas around the world. The clothes they wear, maybe a little money, and in any case a smartphone are often the only things they could save from their old lives.

Telecommunications retailers important for social life

From this point of view, it is incomprehensible that the telecommunications trade is not one of the systemically important industries. Even in times of the coronavirus, contracts expire, prepaid credit is running out, smartphones are broken or lost, people need advice and support to be able to continue participating in social life in these restricted times.

Of course, there are numerous offers in the online stores of network operators or in various other providers, such as or, but not all customers want or can access Internet offers. There are many reasons for this: lack of trust in a fairly anonymous Internet; Fear of choosing the wrong rate or hardware; The concern about not being able to configure or operate the device or a simple language barrier for foreign citizens are some of them.

Seniors need stationery stores

The Chancellor notes that older citizens are particularly at risk of contracting the virus and, therefore, should not be physically visited. This population group, in particular, is not particularly fond of online trading, but is even more dependent on communication options over the phone and the Internet. Who can help these people when something stops working? What about customers who want to settle the amount of their pending invoice with the network operator so that the rate can be activated again?

Precisely because asking the authorities to distance themselves socially is as important as it is correct, we have to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be in touch digitally. In order not to isolate anyone from the world and so that everyone who does not necessarily have to be on the move can stay at home, the traditional knowledge trade must be there for its customers.

It would make sense to relax the Distance Selling Act restrictions during these times so that TK shops can help their customers over the phone. It would make sense that stores could open at least temporarily to provide advice and service. Of course, always taking into account all the precautionary measures for customers and employees. The telecommunications trade is of systemic importance.

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