Configure la aplicación de advertencia Corona y active la evaluación de riesgos

Configure Corona Warning App and Activate Risk Assessment

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The official Corona warning app was developed and tested for weeks. The application is now activated for use and available for voluntary download for iOS and Android. We briefly and succinctly explain how the initial setup of the Corona warning app works and how it triggers the risk assessment.

Install the corona warning app? This is how you do it

First download the app from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or from the Apple Store for your iPhone. In order for the Corona app to work properly, the so-called Risks evaluation enabled in the setup process. Your smartphone then generates and sends encrypted random codes to other users in your area via Bluetooth and receives their codes at the same time. The application remembers encounters with other people through this random code exchange. If one of these encounters uploads a positive Covid-19 test to the Corona-Warn app, you will be informed immediately and can decide for yourself whether and what action to take. You can find everything else about setup in our step-by-step instructions or short instructions.

1st step:

When you first open it, the application explains the general purpose and function of the application. Tap on “Here we go“.


2nd step:

After the privacy policy you will be shown how Risks evaluation jobs. If you agree, tap “Activate risk determinationConfirm all the authorizations that the application needs to function properly. Bluetooth must also be activated on your device. Of course, you can deactivate the risk determination in the application at any time.


3rd step:

Read the information and tap “Follow“.


4th step:

The application can automatically inform you about your risk status. If you want to receive a warning when you have been around an infected person, tap “Follow“And grant permission. Otherwise, select “Do not allow”.


5th step:

If the application was installed recently or you have not yet evaluated enough encounters with other users, you will receive the message “Unknown riskOn the home page. To calculate the risk of infection, the Corona Warning application needs a certain amount of data. The application updates every 24 hours and recalculates the risk of infection. Therefore, please use the application for a longer period of time, the corresponding risk is displayed. Of course, this value also depends on how many people actually use the application in their daily life. The gray box turns green if the risk is low and red if there is a higher risk. Then, he had contact with infected people. If you want to deactivate risk determination again, go to “Active risk determination“.


6th step:

Now turn off the slider next to “Risks evaluation“. The Bluetooth connection with other users of the app is now off and you will no longer be notified of potential corona encounters.


Note: With various Xiaomi and Huawei models, Android users complain about bugs in the app. This is due to the energy saving options activated by the manufacturers. Navigate under settings to power saving options or app launch and remove the restrictions from the Corona warning app so it can work properly. Then restart the smartphone to be safe.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Start the configuration with “Here we go“.
  2. After confirming the data protection declaration, go to “Activate risk determinationThe Corona warning app requires authorizations, which are requested here. Allow them for corona tracking to work as well. Bluetooth must also be activated on your device. You can withdraw the app authorizations later.
  3. The application then informs you about the functions. To do this, tap “FollowUntil you get to the overview.
  4. If you skipped risk determination during setup or if you prefer to turn off risk determination again, tap “Active risk determination“or”.Risks evaluationAnd operate the slider there.