Confirmado: Netflix lo hace "mundo Jurasico"Serie para 2020 - y el primer teaser ya está aquí

Confirmed: Netflix does it "jurassic world"Series for 2020 – and the first teaser is here

Confirmed: Netflix does it "jurassic world"Series for 2020 - and the first teaser is here

Not only will Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur franchise continue in the movies, it will also expand into the living room. Along with DreamWorks Animation, Netflix is ​​already working on the spinoff series “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.”

universe it is the magic word that promises greater success to the current generation of Hollywood. In the days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there seems to be hardly any attraction for simply continuing the movies in chronological order; instead, new worlds will be introduced in familiar contexts with prequels and spin-offs. Whether in the cinema, as a series or mixed, it has long been a minor matter. In addition to popular movie series like “Conjuring,” “Fast & Furious,” or “John Wick,” Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur cult should also be a distraction: While “Jurassic World 3” is already in the works, rumors that have been circulating for a long time about an animated series have now been confirmed: “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous” should appear in 2020 on Netflix.

We know that about “Camp Cretaceous”

Like colleagues from Soon report that DreamWorks Animation is working with Netflix to launch the series on the streaming platform next year; there is no exact start date yet.

At the center of the story is a group of teenagers who embark on the adventure of a lifetime on Isla Nublar when dinosaurs suddenly leave a trail of devastation on the island and in the process sever any connection to the outside world. The young people who have just met are thus inevitably close allies who, from now on, face together the struggle for survival.

It is also known that “Camp Cretaceous” takes place on the same timeline as the “Jurassic World” movies. Consequently, it can be assumed that there will at least be cross-references to the two most recent movies, possibly even recurring characters. Because who knows, maybe you can even win movie stars like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard as voice actors. The first short trailer lets you guess what everything will look like in the end.

Steven Spielberg on board

DreamWorks Animation has taken over a number of well-known template series adaptations in recent years. Following “She-Ra and the Rebel Princesses”, a “Fast & Furious” animation series is currently in the works, among other things. Lane Lueras, who was also responsible for the series “Kung Fu Panda,” will act as showrunner alongside Scott Kreamer (“Pinky Malinky”). “Jurassic Park” creator Steven Spielberg, “Jurassic World” director Colin Trevorrow and successful producer Frank Marshall (“Indiana Jones”) serve as executive producers on the project.

The wait until the film premiere of “Jurassic World 3” (June 10, 2021) will be sweetened for all dinosaur fans with a complete series. But if you want to experience giant prehistoric animals in action now, you just need to go to the cinema around the corner, because chances are there is “Godzilla 2: King Of The Monsters”.

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