Für wen sind Verhütungscomputer geeignet?

Contraceptive computer: how safely can it be used?

Für wen sind Verhütungscomputer geeignet?

Contraceptive computer models: temperature, hormones, or a combination?

The product range of contraceptive computers and cycle computers is wide. If you include your own smartphone with a suitable contraceptive app, the range of options is even greater. Below is a brief description of the different modes of operation.

Temperature computer

There are contraceptive computers that use the temperature method to determine the fertile days. To do this, the basal temperature is measured every morning after waking up (if possible at the same time). Then enter this into the computer. It records when the temperature rises, which means that ovulation has taken place.

Often times, temperature computers also assess the status of cervical or cervical mucus. With the help of these data, the contraceptive computers calculate your infertile and fertile days in a monthly cycle.

Problem: find out in advance how exactly the contraceptive computer works. This is especially true if you want to use it for birth control. In this case, it is important that the computer always uses the data from the current cycle to individually determine your fertile days. If the algorithm uses the data from previous cycles, then it is just a statistical projection of when ovulation can be expected. Safe contraception cannot be guaranteed.

These computers include Lady-Comp, Daysy, pearly, and cyclotest myWay.

Hormone Computers

There are contraceptive computers that measure the hormones in the morning urine for evaluation, a principle similar to that of a pregnancy test. A urine-soaked test stick or a special test strip is inserted into the device and tested there. The concentration of luteinizing hormone (LH) is measured. This increases dramatically in women shortly before ovulation: the concentration increases tenfold. The contraceptive computer also records this and uses a light signal to indicate the days when you cannot get pregnant and when to use contraception if you currently do not want to have children.

Problem: there are women who have a permanently high LH value. This can be caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO), for example. In this case, ovulation can also be shown as a false positive.

Common hormone computers include Clearblue and the ADVANCED fertility monitor, as well as Persona.