Contract extension despite termination – cost trap return offer


Because what many people don’t know: a contract extension is also possible by phone. No paperwork and no signature. Conversely, this means: Always pay close attention to what you say on the phone.

mobilcom-debitel fails in court

Otherwise, it could cause a nasty surprise. This is what happened to a customer of mobilcom-debitel. The provider continued to demand fees from a former customer despite the timely cancellation of a contract and despite the confirmation of cancellation received.

As reported by the law firm Johannes, citing a judgment in progress of the District Court of St. Georg in Hamburg (Az. 924 C 213/19), according to mobilcom-debitel, the client in question “carried out an extension of the contract telephone”. Because the customer did not understand how to pay, mobilcom-debitel constantly increased demand. In the end it was more than 300 euros including collection costs. Then he sought legal help.

mobilcom-debitel was unable to provide any evidence

In the end, the old customer didn’t have to pay. Because the court asked mobilcom-debitel to justify the claim. The provider was unable or unwilling to provide this reason. The court then determined that the customer was not obliged to pay the amount requested by mobilcom-debitel. The corresponding resolution of June 4 was recently made legally binding and is now available to the internal digital editorial team.

Attorney Kay Ole Johannes cautions: “Unverified bills of this type should not be paid.” And also: “If the claim is not justified and the provider is not willing to give in, legal advice is recommended.”