Clip genial: ¡Selena rapea!

Cool clip: Selena raps!

Cool clip: Selena raps!

In his dressing room at the People’s Choice Awards 2011, this funny video was made: Selena Gomez Rapped the first verse of the hip-hop newcomer Nicki minajs (Image on the right) song “Super Bass”

The parties with the “worst” swear words were quickly disbanded or silenced by the crew before being released. Still: Selena Gomez proves she has a talent for rap, the number turned out really cool.

Her friend too Taylor Swift She rapped a small part of the Nicki Minaj song on a radio show, but it sounds a bit insecure to her. See Taylor Swift’s video on Youtube.

What do you think of Selena Gomez’s rap performance?

Selena Gomez wants to please her boyfriend Justin Bieber with her hip-hop interlude? A few months ago he had already made a rap video for his fans as MC “Shawty Lane”. You can find the latest photos of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez here! Also: check out Selena Gomez’s interview with Mä