Corona crisis trivia: This website is only available with a waiting number


Since noon on Friday, small businesses in Berlin have been able to apply for financial assistance from the Investitionsbank Berlin IBB. At least in theory. Because instead of being able to call the necessary form, all interested entrepreneurs end up in a queue instead of the desired application.

According to a report by the Berlin tabloid “BZ”, IBB’s servers, as expected, crashed at 12 noon. But the IBB apparently had an ace up its sleeve and had already commissioned IT service provider Queue-IT.

99,000 Internet users ahead of us

The Danish company issues virtual waiting numbers. When we called the app for a test run around 3pm, we received a waiting number that really shouldn’t give those affected much courage: Waiting number 99,659 – there would be 98,894 users in front of us. Cola-He also made it clear to us that it was not our turn in a few minutes: “Your expected time of arrival on the web: more than an hour. It’s your turn: more than an hour ”. The provider is not more accurate.

IT queue

Interesting about the system: those affected can also receive an email as soon as it is their turn in the queue. The problem: it could be 3 am tonight. And then it is important to be quick. Because: “As soon as it is your turn, you have 35 minutes to start the application.” If you don’t respond, that probably equates to a dead battery and waiting an hour on the phone – back off.

Assessment: good idea, but …

Basically, such a queuing system is much better than servers that are down and not running again due to constant reloads from users. But the imprecision of the time specification is of little help to interested companies, currently in urgent need of grants. Either way: the money must flow within three business days, after the request has been successfully submitted.