Las aplicaciones de seguimiento de Corona probablemente comenzarán después de Pascua

Corona tracking apps will likely start after Easter

Corona tracking apps will likely start after Easter

In the next few days after Easter, Corona’s “real” apps will begin, which should help contain the spread of the virus and warn people if necessary.

We have not forgotten a letter in the title of the article, to contain the corona pandemic (Covid-19) there will soon be at least one application for the so-called tracking. There is no exact tracking of individual location histories, instead it mainly only measures which mobile phones were in critical proximity for a certain period of time. After three weeks, the recorded data must also be deleted again. It is a project of several EU countries, the data transfer is voluntary.

“The Commission today recommended steps and measures to develop a common EU approach to the use of mobile apps and mobile device data in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Digital tools, in line with EU standards and well coordinated, can play an important role in phasing out containment measures ”. – EU

First PEPP-PT apps available after Easter

Vodafone is involved in the project, who describe distance measurement and the meaning behind it as follows:

“All the technology developed by the PEPP-PT (pan-European proximity tracking to preserve privacy) project is based on distance measurement using Bluetooth sensors (Bluetooth Low Energy). This sensor system detects if there are other telephones in our vicinity for several minutes, for example, in the supermarket, on the train or in the pharmacy.

This is based on anonymous data that our smartphones exchange with each other. Based on this information, it is possible to inform people if they have had contact with people who are later found to have the virus. Chains of infection can be broken with proper precautions. The personal data of clients or movements are not transmitted at any time. Technology-based applications will be available voluntarily and free of charge.

The use of these applications is voluntary. At the same time, institutions like the CCC demand that non-users of these applications do not suffer disadvantages in everyday life. As an introduction, there should possibly be information campaigns to get the attention of as many people as possible.

RKI’s data donation app started a few days ago, but it takes a different approach.