Aplicación de advertencia Corona: se ha comprobado que los problemas se conocen desde hace mucho más tiempo

Corona Warning App – Issues have been known to be known for much longer

Corona Warning App - Issues have been known for much longer

A number of unfortunate decisions have been made around the Corona warning app, and communication from app developers was often too small.

There are different views of recently resolved issues with the Corona warning app. Some say that the application has always worked 100 percent, others say that the problems may be too great. But if sharing with infected people’s devices didn’t work perfectly in the background, then that’s absolutely absurd in my eyes. That should have been communicated more openly much earlier, to the extent that users could have done something with device settings. In addition, several errors and problems have been known for weeks.

Open source should help the exchange and really boost projects

The developer downfall now is simply the fact that, for example, the problems with the iPhone version appeared on the Github project in June. However, the app’s developers said they had only known about the issues for a week. Stupid if there is publicly visible documentation in which employees also participated. The advantage of open source turns into the opposite and overwhelms application developers.

Five alleged SAP software developers also participated in the discussion. They have been exchanging opinions with other programmers on the platform since June 30 about the bug attributed to Apple. In their linked bios, the five users pose as SAP employees. ” – Tagesschau

When the first user bug reports emerged a month ago, these were just a few isolated cases in the eyes of the developers. Background update, which did not always work properly, received a low priority. A major miscalculation in hindsight is demonstrated by the Corona warning app updates with corresponding fixes released a few days ago.

App update as admission

The app developers communicated quite badly from day one. We are always reluctant to remember the topic of location queries, which is technically necessary on Android. But the creators of the app themselves never really wanted to explain the background, which would have generated more transparency and trust. The mistakes were certainly not made on purpose, some things just turned out very unfortunate.