Samsung de todas las personas es uno de los fabricantes más confiables cuando se trata de actualizaciones de Android

Corona Warning App – Only Few Infected Reports, Soon 15 Million Downloads

Samsung of all people is one of the most trusted manufacturers when it comes to Android updates

More recently, the German Crown warning app is clearly approaching 15 million downloads, but there is probably one crucial detail.

At the end of the first week of July, the Corona Warning application had a good number of downloads, that is, it will soon reach 15 million. On Friday, the RKI reported a number of downloads of 14.6 million so far, with the current growth, the 15 should be broken next Tuesday at the latest. Almost more exciting are the currently estimated numbers of how many users have actually reported infected in the Corona warning app to date.

There are only estimates, the exact figures are inevitably unknown. Health Minister Spahn says that so far only 300 people could have reported infected on the app. With more than 400 cases per day across the republic recently, relatively few people would have bothered to save their test results in the app. Which is due to the rejection of the application or the ignorance of the users.

Corona app – lots of downloads, little data

ZDF colleagues say that more than 200 people have submitted a result. No official or exact figures are available, which is related to the protection of users. Real data is mixed with fake data, making an exact count impossible. If you prefer a percentage: 0.00137 percent of the application users (downloads) report as positive in the application. Pretty small, right?

Until now, no one can say if the app has any positive effect or was downloaded by many people just for testing. If only a small fraction of your infected messages are stored in the app, the whole principle is of course nice to the butt. A little over 14 days does not seem to be enough to reach a conclusion, in any case there is no reliable data.