Google Chrome

Coronavirus stops Chrome updates

Google Chrome

The market leader among web browsers will not receive new updates until further notice. Google announced this in a blog post. The reason is tight work hours at Google due to the corona pandemic. Google sent many of its employees to work from home, which divided development teams. Possibly also because some of them can no longer work. That’s why Google initially only wants to focus on security updates for the existing Chrome version 80.

Google Chrome stays safe

The main goal is to ensure that the Chrome browser remains stable and safe to use, Google continues. And to corroborate this directly, Chrome version 80.0.3987.149 has been available for Windows, Mac, and Linux for a few hours. The update will be available worldwide in the next few days and will fix no fewer than 13 security holes.

Google doesn’t classify any of the closed security breaches as critical, but nine patches are important. And that is enough to underscore the importance of this update. Because if you don’t install it, you run the risk of being attacked by hackers, for example when browsing the Internet. For example, if you land on manipulated websites by accident or via links (in emails).

How do I install a Chrome update?

Google Chrome update

You can get the new version of Chrome by downloading the browser, for example, directly from the Chrome home page. Do you already use Google’s Chrome browser? Then you have an easier option to install the latest update.

Simply open Chrome settings (via the three dots arranged vertically in the upper right corner of the browser window), scroll to the “Help” menu item with your mouse or your touchpad, and then click “About from Google Chrome ”. Then you just have to wait for the update process to start automatically and then click “Restart”. You have already installed the latest security updates.

Chrome update not available? Just patience!

As mentioned, it may happen that you still cannot install the update to the version 80 .149. For example, only the .132 version was available on two internal digital computers on Thursday morning. The availability of the latest version of Chrome may change throughout the day. If you are patient, you can also wait until Chrome notifies you of the update via a colored icon in the browser bar.

By the way: a new version of the Chrome browser is also available for Android. A corresponding update for iOS should not be long in coming. Chrome remains safe even on smartphones.