Courteney Cox recibe la bendición de su suegra

Courteney Cox receives a blessing from her mother-in-law

New family

wantedthe 08/07/2014 | 12:13

For a few weeks it has been known that the beautiful actress Courteney Cox will soon marry her boyfriend Johnny McDaid. Before the two lovebirds can reach the altar, the first meeting with the future mother-in-law was recently on the show. But Courteney Cox seems to have racked up a lot of points in this …

Courteney Cox should have heard before that mothers-in-law are often every woman’s natural enemy. Therefore, the actress must have been a bit nervous when she recently visited her partner’s family. Fortunately, the fear was in vain: Instead of playing as a “monster-in-law”, Johnny McDaid’s mother has already brought Courteney Cox to her heart. “We all love her,” Pauline McDaid told the Sunday Life newspaper.

Courteney Cox visits the family of her lover Johnny McDaid

On the occasion of his beloved’s 38th birthday, Courteney Cox traveled with Johnny McDaid to Derry, Northern Ireland, where the musician spent his youth. “Courteney was very excited to see John’s house and we drove her over and showed her where John grew up. […] She is a very empathetic person, ”said Pauline McDaid, praising Courteney Cox, who could soon become part of the family.

Courteney Cox felt at home

Courteney Cox not only visited the city and the old Johnny McDaid schools, but also the grave of his late father. “We went to the grave too and that was… well, you can imagine. John is obviously confused because his father will never see her again, “explained the singer’s mother. Despite this difficult course, Courteney Cox felt “at home” on his trip to Derry.

We already thought Courteney Cox would get along with her mother-in-law. Who can resist the charm of 50 years? So nothing stands in the way of a dream wedding.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Jason Merritt