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Cover the redness, it’s so easy!

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Franziska Behneron 06/27/2020 | 07:40

Do you suffer from reddened areas on your face and want to cover them effectively? We’ve put together some tips to help you have an even complexion.

Cover redness with CC Cream

A few years ago, BB and CC creams spread from the Asian beauty market to the West. Unlike makeup, they are especially light on the skin and also provide nourishing substances.

CC-Cream is ideal to cover the slight redness of the face. It is tinted and provides additional hydration to the skin. In addition, CC creams have protection against UV radiation, which briefly protects you from sunlight and improves your skin texture in the long term.

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Color correction: with green against redness

There are numerous products available to cover redness on the skin. Most concealers, concealers, and makeup products are available in numerous color variations to perfectly match your skin tone. You can try the correct shade yourself or get the advice of an expert (make-up artist, at the pharmacy, with a beautician).

To optimally cover the red skin of the face, it is advisable to work with complementary colors. These are colors that face each other in the imaginary color palette. For red spots or redness, that means you should work with green paint for optimal coverage. That sounds strange at first, but makeup with a green tint is ideally placed on top of it. If you then apply a light tinted cream, your redness will no longer be visible.

Maybelline New York Prime Protect Makeup Primer Against Redness, 30ml

Maybelline New York Prime Protect Makeup Primer Against Redness, 30ml

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Camouflage against severe redness

Covering the redness is not that easy. If you have particularly strong redness on your face, you can cover it with camouflage. The particularly strong makeup has a long-lasting finish to cover even the most severe irritations on your skin.

Corrector and concealer against redness

Looking for something that covers more than CC cream but is less heavy than camouflage? Then it is better to use a concealer. You can apply this product selectively and simply pat the skin with your finger or apply it with a sponge. A concealer stick is ideal for everyday use, as it quickly and effectively hides redness.

Maybelline New York Instant Anti-Age Effect Concealer - liquid concealer with applicator

Maybelline New York Instant Anti-Age Effect Concealer – liquid concealer with applicator

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If your redness is a little stronger, you can use a concealer with green pigments. The feel on the skin is usually more pleasant than with heavy camouflage.

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Less is more!

With severe redness, many users tend to apply makeup in bulk. Overuse of makeup and similar products clogs pores, which can also lead to stress and blemishes on the skin.

It is best to use only the makeup necessary to cover the redness. You should also use the care products in moderation, as overuse or constantly changing can lead to irritation. It is also good for the skin and saves time.

Tips against redness

  • UV protection: Take care of your skin when you go out. A light sunscreen (for example, with a CC cream) helps prevent your skin from being exposed to the sun’s UV rays.
  • Humidity: Keep your skin soft and supple. The best way to do this is to moisturize them regularly. You can also keep your skin hydrated from the inside out by drinking a lot.
  • Do not rub / rub: If you remove your makeup at night, you should avoid rubbing or rubbing hard. That irritates the skin.
  • Remove make-up every night: Even if it is annoying at times, you should remove your makeup every night. Make-up and Co. clogs pores, redness and impurities appear.
  • Avoid stress: When you are stressed or do a lot of sports, your blood circulation is stimulated and the redness becomes more evident. Since exercise is generally good for the body, at least try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible.

Rosacea redness

The redness of the face is usually harmless. Sometimes they come from mild sunburn or dry, irritated skin. In more extreme cases and with frequent recurring red spots on the cheek, nose or forehead, there could be a skin disease.

If you have rosacea, your blood vessels dilate and therefore shine through your skin. This makes the affected areas of the skin look red. To date, there is no drug treatment for rosacea. However, individual cables can be closed with a dye laser to reduce their appearance. The pulse of light penetrates the skin and closes the blood vessels with the heat generated. After a few treatments with the tint laser, you should notice a difference.

Tips for Rosacea / Rosacea

Has rosacea for life. However, that does not mean that your skin is always red and inflamed. Take good care of your skin, always keep it well cared for with fragrance-free creams and avoid peeling so as not to irritate it further. You should also avoid spicy foods, strong temperature fluctuations, or alcohol. These things will make the blood flow and rosacea to flourish.

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