Esfuerzo loco: así es como lo hicieron "Game of Thrones"-Macher engañó a los fanáticos

Crazy Effort – Here’s How They Did It "game of Thrones"-Macher fooled fans

Crazy Effort - Here's How They Did It "game of Thrones"-Macher fooled fans

For a long time it was just a rumor, now the “Game Of Thrones” documentary “The Last Watch” provides certainty: to mislead the public and avoid spoilers, the creators of “GOT” reached into their bag of tricks.


The recently released “GOT” documentary, “The Last Watch,” offers a broad behind-the-scenes look at the eighth season of the hit HBO series. Not only do we learn how the lavish battles of Winterfell and King’s Landing were filmed, but we also get interesting insights into what happened off-camera. The documentary reveals that the creators of “Game Of Thrones” took extensive measures to avoid spoilers at all costs.

A section of “The Last Watch” deals with filming in Spain. In an ancient Roman amphitheater near Seville, the scenes inside the Dragonpit at King’s Landing were filmed in season seven. In season eight, some characters returned to this location to help determine the future of Westeros at a political conference. The creators of the series did not want the public to know who exactly would appear in this scene. So they let in some actors who didn’t even show up.

These “GOT” stars fooled the fans

The documentary reveals that Tom Wlaschiha and Faye Marsay, who played Jaqen H’gar and The Waif in previous seasons of “Game Of Thrones,” were only sent to Spain to lure fans the wrong way. The reason for this was a theory that Arya lost the fight to Waif and has since moved through Westeros with the face of the young daughter Stark. Although the two characters were especially on the set in Spain, they did not appear in this scene or in the rest of the eighth season.


German actor Jaqen H’gar Tom Wlashiha.

Two other actors, who played a significantly larger role in the “Game of Thrones” finale, were also on set only to confuse the paparazzi and fans. Jon Snow’s actor Kit Harington was there, as well as the Night King’s actor Vladimir Furdik. Both were an integral part of the cast, but did not appear in the scene filmed in Spain. Furdik can even be seen in the documentary, reaching out directly to the crowd of fans, distributing autographs and taking photos. Possibly to fuel the earlier theory that the Night King will go to King’s Landing?

It is questionable whether such secrecy was really necessary. Even without the wrong clue, fans would have had to guess what the scene in Dragonpit is about to draw relevant conclusions about the “GOT” finale.

“Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch” has been running on Sky since May 27, 2019.

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