Tendencia loca: Mons Pubis

Crazy Trend: Mons Pubis

Crazy Trend: Mons Pubis

There are only two types of female body tendencies on the internet: hating the body part or showing it to the world. The latest trend, Mons Pubis, is one of the latest.

+ + Crotch and bikini bottom + +

For all those who can’t see all the trends, here’s a short overview. At “Thigh gap”, also “Space between the thighs”, shows the woman on Twitter, Instagram & Co. her thighs and they must be so thin that there is a space between them. And then at least one soccer ball should fit, otherwise you don’t even need to post the picture. (Okay, maybe there is no soccer ball, but there has to be a tangerine there!)

He followed this trend “Bikini bridge”. The hip bones should be so far forward that there is a gap between the bikini bottoms and the abdomen. Somehow there must be a space everywhere that shows how incredibly slim you are. But hey. That is all for now. Such trends fell silent, we really thought it was over. But no, you thought wrong! Because now there is Mons Pubis.