Crea un plan de entrenamiento para el estómago.

Create a stomach workout plan.

Create a training plan

Whether you go to the gym or do your abdominal exercises at home, you should always create a workout plan. This makes it easier to persevere and with the right exercises you will quickly achieve success and a tight stomach. In the gym you can regularly monitor your heart rate and do specific cardio and strength exercises. But there are also home exercises that can be done without expensive equipment. 10-15 minutes per day is enough to train your stomach.

Train together

Of course, a well-toned stomach is also easy on the eyes in children. So find your best friend, or even the person you like, and start training abs together. Here are suitable exercises. Together they can definitely motivate each other even better!

Building muscle: classic exercises for the stomach.

The abdominals (erectors, push-ups) are probably the classic workout for the abdominal muscles. This exercise is done lying down. To do this, lie on your back, bend your legs a little to avoid a sunken back. The feet are on the ground and the hands are placed slightly behind the head, but without pressing it. Then, straighten your upper body and hold this position for a short time. Depending on your physical condition, you can vary the number of repetitions. You should try to improve from week to week. However, sit-ups are not easy exercises as they can damage the spine if done incorrectly. Here you can calculate your calorie intake for abs.

The abdominals are softer on the lumbar vertebrae and muscles. The posture is like that of the patient’s lifting pole. The strength of the abdominal muscles pulls the upper back up to 35 degrees; then you hold this position for a second or two. The lower back always remains on the ground, the head is not pulled in, and the exercise should not be done with momentum. Exhale in the upward movement and inhale in the downward movement. This abs workout also shows its effects, but the effect of the workout only becomes apparent much later.