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Create Online Surveys – Here’s How It Works

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With the help of numerous online tools, you can generate, share, and evaluate surveys for clients, employees, or friends. So that you can keep track of the myriad of services, here we compare various providers and use an example to explain the structure of online surveys.

5 online surveys compared

1. Crowdsignal

Crowdsignal is a survey tool from Automattic, the company that is also behind WordPress. The tool is characterized by a wizard that helps step by step to create a survey, questionnaire or questionnaire. The tool is based on the English language and only the German questionnaire option is available. The user has the option of using ready-to-use layouts or creating their own survey.

The free version of Crowdsignal offers unlimited surveys and questionnaires. However, the export of your data is charged. You also have to pay for the removal of the Crowdsignal branding, access to email support, and the addition of the custom CSS option.


2. Google forms

Google also has its own online survey service: Google Forms. This service uses Google Docs and offers an easy way to design surveys. We have already tested how to create surveys in Google Docs here.


3. Online survey

The UmfrageOnline service includes a beginner’s tool with an intuitive user interface. Like Crowdsignal, the software offers a free basic model with limited features. In the “Basic survey” variant, it lasts one month per survey and has a maximum of 350 responses. If you want to carry out larger projects, you must pay up to 239 euros a year for long-term surveys. The premium version of the survey tool is free for students!

In addition, the free version of the software offers a number of options for evaluating the participants’ results. You can use the responses in download format for PDF, Microsoft Excel, and CSV (for example, for SPSS).

It is positive that UmfrageOnline offers a draft order processing contract. This is relevant because information on data protection is often processed in surveys. Other providers like Crowdsignal do not offer this option. Overall, UmfrageOnline is suitable for a simple introduction to the world of surveys and questionnaires and offers all the necessary functions for smaller projects, also in the free version.

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4. Simple commentsWith Easyfeedback you can create unlimited surveys in the free version. Surveys are limited to 100 participants and 10 questions per survey. The service offers a live view for a comfortable start, with which you can see the results live while creating the design. It is good that Easyfeedback keeps your data in Germany and unlike other providers it also offers individual surveys without a fixed connection in the subscription model. As a student, for a one-time payment of 29 ?? create extensive surveys.

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5. LimeSurvey

If you prefer open source software and you prefer to manage the survey data yourself, LimeSurvey is the right tool for you. LimeSurvey can be hosted by itself or through an instance on the LimeSurvey server capacity. You can find out how this works in detail in the second part of our article. In the free version, LimeSurvey offers 25 responses per month and an unlimited number of surveys. Features are not as limited here as at the competition. Particularly noteworthy is the complete user administration. Here you can precisely define who can edit which surveys.


Example: create a survey with LimeSurvey

Before you begin, you must create an account. This works very easily and is self explanatory via If you have logged in later, follow our step-by-step instructions:

1st step:

First, create a domain name for the free model. Then click on “Save close“.


2nd step:

After a short domain registration process, LimeSurvey will redirect you to an overview of its settings. Click on the Admin link.


3rd step:

Login with your username and password and then go to “Create survey“. Alternatively, LimeSurvey also offers a beginner’s wizard via “Instructions“>”Beginners tourWe recommend that you review it before using it for the first time.


4th step:

Give the survey a Titleso that it can be saved.


5th step:

In the other fields you can enter a description, a welcome message, and a survey end message.


6th step:

save money“You followed the survey.


7th step:

This will take you to the actual editor. To understand exactly what questions can be inserted here, use the already mentioned Beginners tour. We have created a simple user gender survey as an example. But there are hardly any limits to the extent to which the survey should appear. Test it.