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Like every year, this year I fill the Advent calendars for Lilli, Lotte and Tom. It’s just a tradition for me. I also have a lot of fun!

Since you are so happy with the ideas and inspirations about the content of the self-filled Advent calendars each year, I would like to tell you again this year what will be on our Advent calendars in 2018. One Video it is also available if you also want to see everything in motion pictures. Doing Video I will also show you the content and personally tell you why I decided what little thing. =)

I will also bring you some ideas on how you can make beautiful Advent calendars yourself!

I hope I can inspire you in this way! Have fun reading and watching!

Advent calendar fill ideas 12

Our advent calendars

Our Advent calendars are already a few years old. I discovered it then on the internet when DaWanda still existed. You’re from “Maus am Faden”. They ask me a lot about it, that’s why I put it in the post. However, I don’t know if there is still “Maus am Faden” today. I haven’t looked it up yet.

Tinker Advent Calendar

All three advent calendars are beautiful, aren’t they? We really love her. Each of them consists of a canvas lined with fabric, which is also provided with Christmas and personalized details. At the bottom of the canvas are ribbons to which the 24 sewn cloth bags can be attached.

I suppose you can do something like that yourself if you have the time. Everything can be varied in terms of design. =)

I had them some time ago as additional inspiration 10 great DIY advent calendar ideas summarized. Of course, you can read this post yourself again for more inspiration to make your own personal advent calendars. For example, one of the ideas is ours Advent calendar with photo of an old Pixibuch advent calendar with that.

Advent calendar fill ideas 15

Fill out the advent calendar yourself

Of course, a self-filling Advent calendar can be filled out individually and in many facets. That makes it so nice! So there is not just chocolate, not just Schleich and not just LEGO, but a mix of all of the above.

I really like to keep an eye on the little things on the Advent calendar and I usually start very early. I just enjoy filling the calendars with new surprises each year.

Advent calendar fill ideas 14

Advent calendar fill ideas 13

Advent calendar content

We always have a mix of Christmas treats and little gifts as content for the Advent calendar. That varies every year.

I think very special things are happening this year.

Advent calendar fill ideas 2

Advent calendar fill ideas 1

Advent calendar fill ideas 3

I’ll just list what’s on our 2018 calendars, break it up with some pictures, and summarize a few more ideas at the end of the post. So you have a long list of ideas to fill your children’s advent calendars. =)

  • Sticker
  • Crumpled balloons
  • Hatchimals (the ones from the Christmas edition are especially suitable)
  • Play dough (for example, glitter putty and Play-Doh confetti putty)
  • Sliding puzzles

Advent calendar fill ideas 4

Advent calendar fill ideas 11

Advent calendar fill ideas 9

  • Cookie cutter
  • Tinti bathing fun (e.g. bath bear, painting soap, watercolors, etc.)
  • Key chain
  • Nanos Hexbug

Advent calendar fill ideas 10

Advent calendar fill ideas 8

  • Harry Potter LEGO Collectible Figures
  • Magic socks (or alternatively magic towels)
  • Siku Vehicles
  • Quartet or other card games
  • Christmas tree balls to design yourself
  • TY collectible minifigures
  • Pocket warmer
  • Schleich Animals and Figures

Advent calendar fill ideas 5

Advent calendar fill ideas 7

Advent calendar fill ideas 6

More ideas for filling a children’s advent calendar:

  • Hair clips and hair bands
  • Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets
  • small barrel organ
  • mumble
  • Accessories for play kitchen or grocery store
  • LEGO or LEGO DUPLO bricks
  • small sets or Playmobil figures
  • Toy tops, yo-yo and other small toys
  • Magic blocks
  • special plasters
  • Craft utensils such as scissors, pens, stamps, glue, polymer clay, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc.
  • Finger paints
  • Window images
  • Bouncing balls
  • Balloons
  • Nativity figures
  • small stuffed animals
  • PIXI Books
  • CD / radio plays
  • Tattoos
  • small flashlight
  • Soap bubbles
  • whiteboard
  • Strickliesel
  • Iron pearls or iron pearl peg boards
  • Magnets
  • Makeup or nail polish for children.
  • Finger puppets
  • small puzzles
  • marker
  • Christmas tree figures
  • small shampoo, shower gel or similar
  • Comb or hairbrush
  • Pattern punch or paint stencils

Advent calendar fill ideas 16

I hope I can be of some help to you in this way! Please let me know!

Also: tell me! What do you put on your children’s advent calendars? Do you have any other good ideas? Or do your children receive already filled calendars? If so, which one? Do you have an advent calendar every year?

I really look forward to your comments!

All the best,

your Mari =)

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