Los creadores admiten errores: por eso la nueva edición de "Cuatro Fantásticos"

Creators admit mistakes: that’s why the new edition of "Fantastic four"

Creators admit mistakes: that's why the new edition of "Fantastic four"

With the reboot of “The Fantastic Four” of 2015, everything should improve. Four years later, one would like to forget the new edition. The producers have also recognized it and believe they know the reason for its failure.

20th Century Fox

After the miserable first “Fantastic Four” movie of 2005 (with Jessica Alba and then Captain America Chris Evans) and the also moderate 2007 sequel, the new edition of Josh Trank should breathe new life into the burned-out franchise. As a result, the exact opposite happened: “Fantastic Four” failed catastrophically in 2015, and a planned sequel was absolutely out of the question. Producers Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker, whose new movie “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” has just been released in theaters, have with them Yahoo Movies UK spoke about the Marvel movie still produced by Fox and mentioned the possible reasons for the failure in an interview.

Simon Kinberg, who was also responsible for the script with Trank, sees the wrong approach to the comic as the cause: I think ‘The Fantastic Four’ is a pretty funny, playful and fun comic. Our focus was a dark and serious movie. That seemed very radical and revolutionary, but in the end it really didn’t fit. “ Co-producer Hutch Parker sees it in a similar way and emphasizes in the interview that in hindsight, he would have wanted to do some things differently.

Sprouts hampered production

Marvel’s film adaptation of four extraordinary personalities was already under a bad star during production. Extensive new recordings were scheduled after a member of Fox’s executive suite wrote a first version as “chaos“Designated. Due to the busy schedule, it took a lot of effort to get lead actors Miles Teller (“Whiplash”), Michael B. Jordan (“Creed 2”), Kate Mara (“House Of Cards”) and Jamie Bell ( “Billy Elliot”)) to return to the set together, so the movie premiere had to be postponed for several months.

The director dissects his own film

Josh Trank, who was predicted to have a great future in Hollywood after his surprising success with “Chronicle,” was anything but pleased with the outcome of “Fantastic Four.” So he let his frustration go Twitter in a tweet that was deleted shortly after: “A year ago I still had a fantastic version in my head that would have been great. Unfortunately, you will probably never see them. “

“The Fantastic Four” in the MCU

After Disney’s takeover of Fox, it’s only a matter of time before we see comic heroes Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Sue, and Johnny Storm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We recently reported that “Ant-Man” director Peyton Reed would like to direct a new edition possibly directed for 2022:

The MCU after “Avengers 4: Endgame”: will the reboot of “Fantastic Four” come sooner than expected?