"Creed - El legado de Rocky": Michael B. Jordan quiere continuar "Rocoso"-Hacer spin-off

"Creed – Rocky’s Legacy": Michael B. Jordan wants to continue "Rocky"-Make spin-off

In “Creed – Rocky’s Legacy,” Michael B. Jordan is an Adonis Johnson apprentice boxer with the legendary Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). If it was up to Jordan, there would be a sequel.

Warner Bros.

In the US, “Creed – Rocky’s Legacy” began on November 25, 2015, just in time for Thanksgiving weekend and has raised $ 42.6 million there so far. And how Variety reports, lead actor Michael B. Jordan can certainly envision a sequel. In an interview with the Associated Press the actor said he would be there when a sequel happened.

In the “Rocky” spin-off, Jordan plays young boxer Adonis, son of world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed, who is trained by Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). Jordan was enthusiastic about his character: “A character as complex as this and the world he moves in makes me curious to see what happens next to Adonis and what he will do.” Especially the ending of “Creed” described Jordan as “pretty cool”. If success is correct and the circumstances are, I would be very happy to work with her co-stars Sly Stallone and Tessa Thompson again.

According to information from Variety Warner invested about $ 35 million in the production of “Creed” and already got it back on the opening weekend. A sequel has yet to be announced. In Germany, Ryan Coogler’s boxer drama doesn’t start until January 14, 2016.