Escena del crimen: El nuevo chico del lado de Furtwängler es Benjamin Sadler

Crime scene: The new kid on Furtwängler’s side is Benjamin Sadler

Crime scene: The new kid on Furtwängler's side is Benjamin Sadler

Sadler in “Tatort”

wantedon 06/01/2011 | 16:28

Ingo Naujoks left the “Tatort” series only in October 2010, and a replacement was quickly found. Benjamin Sadler takes on the male role alongside Maria Furtwängler.

Benjamin Sadler will soon be seen in the series “Tatort”

After nine years, Ingo Naujoks left the hit series “Tatort”, no one can replace him. But the charming actor Benjamin Sadler will give it a try from spring. According to “Bild,” “Tatort” commissioner Charlotte Lindholm has always wanted a new male role on the show.

In spring, the first episode “Tatort” with Benjamin Sadler will air alongside Maria Furtwängler. The inspector met the handsome actor in “Tatort” during an investigation at a football stadium.

Between Benjamin Sadler and Maria Furtwängler it should already creak in the first episode. Ingo Naujoks left “Tatort” because after nine years he supposedly no longer wanted to play the role. The new actor from “Tatort” became known with films like “Contergan” and “Luther.”

Image source: gettyimages