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Crown crisis: German network operators also transmit mobile phone data

After the Austrians started, German network operators also shared anonymous movement data of their customers with the RKI.

A few days ago we reported on the potential horror of privacy, because the first network operators exchange movement data of their customers with institutes. What sounds bad at first all serves a good cause. The spread of the coronavirus should be better understood. Now, Deutsche Telekom is also one of the first German network operators to jump on this bandwagon and send anonymous motion data of its own customers to the German Robert Koch Institute. A first set of data had already been delivered last Tuesday, spokesmen for the institutions and companies involved announced.

“This allows modeling the flows of movement, at the national level, at the state level and broken down at the district-municipality level.”

It is not possible to track users individually, this should be clear at this point as well. “Corona’s challenges are gigantic. If anonymized big data contributes to the slower course of the infection curve and can save lives, we will gladly comply with the request for support from government agencies. “

Covid-19 spread: now data must be exchanged to better understand the process

Probably the right decision in times like these. So what sounds like a great horror at first, because in some countries people are followed very precisely and specifically, it is probably the only correct way to go during the Crown crisis. Of course, one can criticize why a mobile phone provider does not inform its customers with an SMS message.

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