Las aplicaciones de seguimiento de Corona probablemente comenzarán después de Pascua

Crown crisis: Germany’s cell phone location off the table again

Due to the crown crisis and the upcoming epidemics, individual cell phone location was on the plan. After the criticism, there is a U-turn on this issue.

For a short time, news came that the location of an individual cell phone could be used in Germany to contain the crisis of the crown. Until now, network operators have already reported anonymous movement data for larger groups of people, but parts of the federal government wanted to go a step further. After much criticism, this issue is back on the table, the federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, backs down. Tracking individual cell phone location data was part of new bills to fight epidemics like the current Corona crisis.

Much criticism for individual location tracking

“According to the original plans, the responsible health authorities should be able to use the cell phone location data of Corona contact persons to track their movements and communicate with them in case of suspicion. At the same time, responsible authorities should be able to use traffic data to determine whereabouts, for example, to inform those affected about their personal risk ”. Handelsblatt

The original plans were not compatible with fundamental rights and data protection, which the data protection authorities criticized in advance. Now the corresponding part of the next bills is history again. “The federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn (CDU), will refrain from using mobile phones to locate contact persons of infected people in order to contain the crown. The Handelsblatt learned this from government circles and coalition politicians in the Bundestag. “