Metanfetamina de cristal

Crystal methamphetamine

How Addictive is Methamphetamine?

The binge is followed by the dangerous fit condition, which also explains the frequent skin injuries or inflammations in methamphetamine users. Adjusting is a hyper-nervous condition when the methamphetamine no longer causes fever or euphoria. The user feels an incredible emptiness and also a lust for the drug and loses consciousness of his own identity. Intense itching is common, and those affected imagine that the beetles crawl under the skin that they have to remove Retouch-The condition is often in a completely psychotic state and only lives in its own world. He sees and hears things that no one else can perceive. The hallucinations are so vivid that they seem real to you. Cut off from reality, he can become hostile and a danger to himself and others. The risk of self-mutilation is high.

The usual consequence is Shock – the crash. The body shuts down because it can no longer cope with the drugs flowing through its veins and it falls into a deep sleep. When the user wakes up again, his condition is always much worse than before consumption. The body is dehydrated, hungry, and completely exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. The only solution to feeling better seems to be another dose of methamphetamine. A fatal vicious cycle. Because methamphetamine withdrawal is extremely painful and severe, users tend to relapse again. 93 percent of people who go to traditional therapy settings use methamphetamine again. We can help you: Hotlines and the Internet: Help with addiction, violence and pain