Rizar con alisadores: ¡así es como puedes hacerlo!

Curling with straighteners – this is how you can do it!

Styling tip

Do you like curly and curly styles like Beyonce’s or soft waves that flatter your face and emphasize your feminine side? Would you like to have a new hairstyle like this without having to reach for the scissors, get a perm, or use the curlers for hours, but you really don’t know how to do it? Then grab your straightening iron quickly! It has more to offer than just straightening hair. Whether you have long hair, a long bob, or a short bob – this is how you create curls in your hairstyle with the straightening iron.

All you need to get the perfect soft curls or beach waves is your straightener, hairbrush, hairspray, and most importantly, curly hair heat protection spray for not to damage the structure of your hair during styling. With the hot iron you can not only straighten your hair, but also twist the perfect curls. Don’t be fooled by the name of the device you always like to rely on when it comes to styling matters, because when in doubt your straightener works exactly like a curling iron. Light waves or curls with the straightening iron? This is not a contradiction, but a true style secret – we will reveal it to you and show you how to do it.

Curls with straighteners: bob, long bob and co

It’s that easy to conjure up curls with the straightening iron.

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez or Kate Hudson: Hollywood beauties adore their long hair, be it blonde or brunette, long or with a bob hairstyle, and are very happy to have their stylists transform them into exciting curly hairstyles. But what a stylist can do, you can do for a long time. Glamorous Hollywood waves? You can do it yourself at home! If you have a straightening iron, nothing will get in the way of your dream curls. Would you like to shine as beautifully as Selena Gomez and Kate Hudson on the red carpets of this world? Then try styling your soft curls with the straightening iron.

Instructions: Style Waves and Curls with a Flat Iron

Curls with straighteners? Sure, you can’t just smooth!

Styling curls with an iron, does it sound like an absolute contradiction? Nothing there! With your straightening iron, you can get the sexy look of beach waves without a curling iron, hot curling iron and the like, and you can make soft curls or waves in your hair, be it hippie mane or bob (long).

Just follow our simple tutorial on curling hair with the straightener to make sure nothing goes wrong. However, before you start styling, you should know about the following styling products and helpers by your side:

Before we explain step by step how to create curls with a straightening iron, you can also take a look at the tutorial:

Step 1 for curls with a straightening iron: prepare the hairstyle correctly

You start to style your curls with the help of a straightening iron initially without the hot iron. After you have carefully sprayed your hair strands with the heat protection spray (as soon as you have done this you can set your straightening iron to a high heat setting without hesitation, because the curls just stay longer), part the upper section of hair with a hairpin or first a hair tie. Therefore, the length of the hair does not get in the way when it is concentrated in the lower section of the hair. The strands of hair that you treat with the straightening iron in the next step should be about an inch wide. But it also depends on your preference: the finer the hair strand, the curlier the curl will be!

Step 2 for curls with straightening irons: wrap the hair properly and twist it

When winding curls with straightening irons, it all depends on the correct winding technique. To do this, apply the straightening iron to approximately the middle of your lock of hair, wrap the lock of hair clockwise around the device and bend it down 180 degrees with a slight movement of your hand. Now you can start curling. In one fluid motion, pull the straightening iron to the end of your lock of hair. Repeat this step strand by strand until the entire desired section of hair is curled.

Step 3 for curls with straightening irons – the perfect wavy finish for durability

The finishing of the curls with the iron is done on the upper part of the hair. Here you need to make sure the movement is flowing, otherwise your curls will get unsightly corners. At the end you fix your waves with a generous amount of hairspray. If it is important to you that each curl is clearly defined, you can spray it with hairspray as soon as it is created, otherwise a little spray is enough once the full look is done.

Video: The best tips against too dry hair

Is your hair dry from excessive use of the iron? Here’s what you can do about it:

You dream of soft and sweet curls that you can wear not only to the next party, but to the office as well. Love simple styles where you need nothing more than your flat iron? Evoking curls with the iron gives your open hair more volume and a wonderful wow effect. Just try the hairstyle; You will be surprised how easy it is to create curls with a flat iron. Simsalabim!

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