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“Curvy Supermodel” Candidate Has Heart Disease

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Celine denefleh

Six years ago Celine Denefleh wanted to mark with her voice on “DSDS”, now she is testing it with her curves on the casting show “Curvy Supermodel”. But what hardly anyone knows: The 23-year-old suffers from a heart rhythm disorder.

At the age of 12, “curvy supermodel” candidate Celine Denefleh was diagnosed with heart disease. Since then, the Mannheim native has lived with a defibrillator by her side. In an interview with the newspaper “Bild”, he now revealed: “The fact that the Defi had to work, that is, it surprised me, it made me a real disaster. I’ve had trouble getting up. I no longer trusted myself and did not go to school because I was afraid that something would happen. “

Celine Denefleh gained weight thanks to pills she had to take due to illness. Despite his cardiac arrhythmia, he managed to regain the courage to live and remain optimistic: “I think I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have the disease. I would have become a completely different person. ” She had been through hell, illness would have shaped her accordingly. “But that’s why I think I’m someone who can draw so much energy and strength,” she was sure in an interview with “Bild”.

Celine Denefleh is a true fighter

After starting a career with “DSDS,” Celine Denefleh is now taking on the challenges of a new casting show. With 100-82-108, he has exactly the dimensions that the “Curvy Supermodel” jury is looking for, made up of Harald Glööckler, Angelina Kirsch, Motsi Mabuse and Ted Linow. In any case, the Mannheim native has set out to become a model. Even if the prerequisites for this are not exactly the best in light of her illness, Celine Denefleh shows a true fighting mentality. In the “Bild” interview, he explained: “The last eight months it was difficult with the sport because I had problems with my heart. But I have to play sports, because of my heart. But I will never be able to accelerate as I want ”. There are days when you can uproot trees. But again, there are phases where your cycle is just not busy.

What a harsh fate! In any case, we wish Celine Denefleh a lot of energy and hope she goes a long way and that her dream of becoming a “curvy supermodel” will come true.

Image source: RTL 2