La supermodelo con curvas Chethrin Schulze ahora es delgada

Curvy supermodel Chethrin Schulze is now skinny

Chethrin Schulze: how she lost 14 kg

But there is a lot of discipline behind Chethrin’s new character, as he reveals in an interview with Promiflash: “I completely avoid dairy, sugar, and carbohydrates. Only Sunday I eat everything I want. Then there are hamburgers and pizza. ” However, the result speaks for itself. When asked why he lost weight, Chethrin replied: “I decided to lose weight because I noticed that somehow it fits me a little better. “We also think the new look looks great on her, although she didn’t need to lose weight. Because we also find Chethrin great as a curvy model. Especially in times when curvy models like Ashley Graham are so successful, losing weight is no longer necessary. Other models like Sarina by GNTM, for example, do it the other way around. The former GNTM chick was gaining weight. And she looks super gorgeous with her new curves and is successful in the US But in the end, everyone has to know for themselves how they feel most comfortable and if Chethrin is happier then we are happy for her.

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