Piezas de tendencia con curvas: cómo estilizar el estilo de las mujeres femeninas de Hollywood

Curvy Trend Pieces: How To Style Hollywood Feminine Women

Curvy Trend Pieces: How To Style Hollywood Feminine Women

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wantedthe 04/02/2015 | 10:55

They just know how to best stage their curves and how to pack them in the most beautiful way: Curvy stars like Beyoncé, Kate Upton, Dascha Polanco, Christina Hendricks, and Salma Hayek not only support their exciting silhouettes, but they also don’t miss the opportunity to particularly emphasize. the sensual and feminine curves, always an extremely welcome sight with the standard Hollywood size. On the editorial team at Deseo.de we think there are quite a few fashion trends that look even better and more effective on women of girl power. Read all about the feminine and sexy star looks from Hendricks, Upton and Co. here and in our image gallery and learn how to style them.

It’s all about diversity – it’s clear that not everyone is the same and that not all XS women have to fit into Hollywood, the mecca of superficiality. It is much more pleasant, relaxed and healthy to accept and recognize the diversity of the body. And this applies not only to Hollywood, but also to us: instead of trampling on an ideal that is difficult to achieve, we must learn to accept and love our body with all its supposed flaws: when beautiful curvy stars like Dascha Polanco, Kate Upton , Christina Hendricks or Salma Hayek will show us this with so much self-confident sex appeal, then we can take a look at the ladies!

High waist

The high waist is a female figure’s best friend – it particularly flatters hourglass figure types in the manner of Kate Upton and Salma Hayek and puts every curve in the spotlight. Our Hollywood ladies go for high-waisted ensembles too: whether it’s Marlene pants and blouse, sheath dress or bodice, pencil skirt or high-waisted jeans, the offset center stretches the silhouette, hides the tummy, and focuses on them . sexy curves of the hips, butt and breasts. Women of the “tube” figure type, that is, with a very small difference between waist and hips, quickly appear plump and box-shaped at the high waist, definitely a fashion trend for curvy women! And if the dress or blouse needs to be quickly trimmed from a comfortable cut to a sexy high waist, a belt can work wonders.

Curve miracle

A chic evening outfit and a true miracle of curves: the shift dress is sexy yet elegant, focusing on a high waist, thus emphasizing exactly the right places and hiding small problem areas with clever stitching and a flattering silhouette. It’s no wonder that female Hollywood stars like Kate Upton or Dascha Polanco prefer to wear tight dresses with potential for glamor. Paired with elegant pointed heels and a short blazer, the evening outfit is perfect. By the way, there are shift dresses in different hem lengths, from short to just above the knee. For an optimal silhouette, we recommend a Dascha dress: the perfect sheath dress ends about one hand’s width above the knee, has medium to long sleeves and a subtle scoop neckline.

Blouse with bow tie

The silky top with the bow below the neck is in itself an elegant touch and turns a casual trouser-blouse duo into an elegant ensemble in no time. Paired with stylish pants and matching heels, the bow tie blouse is a medium that highlights curves and lush busts in a sexy way. Kate Upton is leading the way: she deftly wears sleek black pants and pointy heels to match a leopard blouse with a black XXL bow. A piece that exudes half the sex appeal in XS!

Vintage star

We automatically associate this curvy trend with the cult series “Mad Men” and the exciting 50s: the simple pencil skirt in combination with a blouse or T-shirt is an item that only becomes exciting if it has the necessary abundance and is sure to add to the The 5 female highlights of all time. The high waist and a slim fit draw attention to the most beautiful aspects of the feminine silhouette. Plus, the pencil skirt is incredibly versatile: whether it’s casual and in a modern print like our queen R’n’B and style icon Beyoncé, sexy and cut-outs like the women’s wonder Kim Kardashian, or very classic and elegant. as Christina Hendricks. Thanks to “Mad Men” it has been shown countless times on screen: The pencil skirt belongs in every wardrobe of a powerful woman!

Marlene pants with a glam factor

Anyone who previously thought that Marlene’s pants and suits were only for slim women will now learn otherwise. In fact, baggy pants look even more beautiful in the right combination on curvy women. In her spare time, Christina Hendricks not only wears the popular pencil skirt, she also shows the courage to wear Marlene pants – the actress prefers to wear baggy pants with a white silk blouse and elegant pointy black shoes. Above all, it makes sure that these do not rest on the hips, but that the waist extends at least to the navel. This favors a curvy silhouette and keeps the silk blouse in place, which can be cleverly tucked into the pants and thus draped.

Crop top and XXL skirt

A combination that seems unusual at first glance, but has it all for curvy women: Kim Kardashian, known for optimally and mercilessly staging her curves, proves in an exciting all-nude ensemble that the crop top duo and XXL skirt can look modern, elegant and sexy. It is important that the skirt reaches at least two palms above the knee and is snug, like an extended pencil skirt, so to speak, and that the crop top only exposes a skin crack between the skirt hem and the top. . You should also always wear high heels for an optimized silhouette with an XXL skirt length, this stretches your figure and lets the outfit take effect.

Discover the stunning looks of Hollywood ladies in our image gallery and learn how you can recreate the look.