Corta el corte: inferior, lateral o falso

Cut the cut: bottom, side or false

Cut the cut: bottom, side or false

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It is quite an ending and an ending in the exciting circus of fashion and beauty, in the true sense of the word. The underside of the hair is shaved completely or sideways, pinned to the side and gelled to finish off the boring hairstyle mix. But where is the difference between cut, side cut and false cut?

In the past, almost every red carpet and every stage had a lot to offer in terms of cut and its siblings of style. Be it Jada Pinkett Smith, Miley Cyrus or Michelle Williams, some dared to take the radical step and others preferred to use their bag of tricks.

Undercut x Jada Pinkett Smith

Short at the bottom and long at the top: you should keep the hair around the head! We owe the undercut, as well as the popular studded look, to the punk culture of the 80s and 90s and even if many female stars like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus filled the covers with their brave steps, actress Jada Pinkett Smith is one of those who He dared to take the plunge years ago and has done it over and over again ever since. Unlike many of his colleagues, he also stays true to his haircut – his top hair sometimes looks longer, sometimes shorter, or sometimes with light waves. Jada Pinkett Smith shows us how versatile this look can be and how incredibly feminine it looks despite its radicalism.

Sidecut x Michelle Williams

The lateral line is not as radical, but just as effective. As the name suggests, shaving is limited to just one part of the head. The intensity of the shave can also vary according to your taste and will. Either you have the guts to free the entire bottom of the head of the hair or you hold it like the magical Michelle Williams and only let a small part of the hair fall victim to the razor. A look that gives short hairstyles in particular a very special touch. But model Alice Dellal has also proven over many years that a side cut can attract attention even in combination with long hair, which does not get in the way of a modeling career.

Fake Cut x Jaime King

In the series “Hart of Dixie,” Jaime King plays the girl Lemon Breeland, who occasionally drives her peers to the brink of insanity with housewife charm, floral dresses and golden curls. A stark contrast: Jaime’s look at the Met-Ball. Jaime wears his straight blonde hair with his elegant black pantsuit and lace bodice. A refined detail is the faux cut on the left side of the head. Here a section of hair was placed strictly on the head and pinned under the top hair at the back of the head. An apparent sidecut without reaching for the razor. An effect that can also be achieved especially well with braided elements, for example with Scarlett Johansson, who also tucked a section back, but also intensifies the look with two braided strands.

Discover these and other variants of the world of the undercut, the side cut or the false cut in our image gallery.