Quiste en el ovario: ¿debería preocuparme?

Cyst on the ovary: should I be concerned?

Cyst on the ovary: should I be concerned?

Can an ovarian cyst be dangerous?

In more than 90 percent of cases, ovarian cysts are not a cause for concern and will heal on their own without therapy. And even if they generally don’t cause discomfort or complications, there are also exceptions here:

Cyst explosion in the ovary: what are the risks?

This can be done, for example, during a tactile exam or without a trigger, it is extremely painful, but also harmless. It only becomes dangerous when the surrounding vessels have been injured and bleeding occurs in the abdomen. Then an operation must be performed immediately.

This means turning the stem of an ovarian cyst

A large cyst on the ovary is sometimes attached to it by a vascular pedicle. Sudden movements can cause the stem to twist and cut off the blood supply to the ovary. The result: severe pain, sweating, and nausea. Here an operation must be performed.