Agradable, en forma, sin afeitar

Dagi apologizes for hating the song against Bibi

Nice, fit, unshaven

But that’s not all: Bibi’s video has now even been done temporarily blocked on YouTube! Anyone who wanted to hear Bibi’s new song “How it is (wap bap…)” on YouTube was bitterly disappointed, because the video was it is no longer accessible. The saved links did not help, because the following error message appeared when opening them: “This video includes content provided by Sony ATV Publishing. This partner has blocked the video for copyright reasons. ” For an hour Bibi’s video could no longer be found on YouTube.

But why did Sony fix the ban on Bibi’s song? That could really be with him Plagiarism accusations Related, after which Bibi stole the song from Lenka. It is under contract with Sony. However, so far there has been no comment from Sony or Bianca herself, very mysterious!

Will there be song number 2 soon?

In spite of Negative record Soon there might be a new Bibi song! In its Bibis Beauty Palace YouTube channel the 24-year-old has already answered all the questions: it will be in the future more music videos give?

“I can say that there is still nothing concrete in the planning, but I had a lot of fun with the whole project with my first song”, Bibi says in her latest video.

For now more than two million dislikes she doesn’t want me to discourage her: “I think that if you have fun with something, you should not let anything or anyone stop you. So I imagine very well that at some point there will be another song or some musical project “Bibi adds. Well, that doesn’t sound adverse. In any case, we are excited!