Dagi enamorado

Dagi in love

Dagi in love

Dagi Bee responded with a tweet, “THANK YOU to everyone who thought of me today and made the day so beautiful for me. One of the best, if not the best birthday! “

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The Banger Music cutter is said to have told Celepedia: “My mother is sad that Dagi fans call me an “asshole” on Instagram. I’m sorry I fell in love with Dagi! “ Obviously, fortunately, that doesn’t stop him from having a great love for Dagi. You only have to deal with negative comments when you are in public. Unfortunately, Dagi also has many haters who repeatedly abuse her on Instagram. No matter what anyone else says, you both fully enjoy your new love. Dagi told Celepedia about her first kiss with Eugen: “I had butterflies in my stomach. But we haven’t kissed on the first date. Eugen is a true gentleman. Only after the fourth date or something. I wanted to take my time. I wanted to be really sure. “

The best birthday ever? Well, I hope your ex Liont isn’t a bit saddened by not making it. Here is all the information about Dagi Bee & Liont: Separation.

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