Dagi está bromeando con sus leales seguidores: ¡odian a todos por eso!

Dagi is joking with his loyal fans – they hate everyone for it!

Dagi is joking with his loyal fans - they hate everyone for it!

Or so it seemed to most of them. It didn’t help that Dagi tweeted after she already had a lot of Halloween ideas. His fans still commented on things like Yes! You have a job and it’s making videos. You can’t even do that! What can you really do? “, “I think he’s right. If I’m too uncreative for my work later on, I have to do it anyway. “, “You no longer need to convert any. She is already a millionaire and has wrapped her bees around her finger. That’s enough”. or “Oh come on Dagi, just keep your video days”.

Dagi apparently didn’t expect this reaction and later responded to some comments from her fans with tweets. Of course, it is sad for his loyal followers when fewer and fewer videos appear and, above all, irregularly. – many have been waiting for the new video all week. It’s no wonder they feel ripped off into taking such an action. Will Dagi take this reaction seriously and upload his clips more often?

Dagi Bee is not sticking to her video days

Some time ago, Dagi Bee had a vote on Twitter when her fans wanted the videos to be published on her channel. The fans quickly agreed: Wednesday and Sunday. And from then on, the Dagis were permanent video days, or so it seemed. Now, however, a fan accuses her of always putting off her videos, and that’s impossible!