Dagi & amp;  Liont: ¡Separación!

Dagi & amp; Liont: Separation!

Dagi & amp;  Liont: Separation!

Dagi didn’t feel like doing that and expressed her anger:“I’m not in the mood for a kindergarten like this. What the hell? Hahahhahaha ”.

+ + New tweet about the breakup? + +

Rumors continue to emerge that Dagi and Liont are having a relationship crisis and are even assumed to be no longer a couple. Dagi’s latest tweet revives the rumors: “Changes are not reprehensible and especially if they make you happy and perfect.” After that, he put a lightning bolt emoji and a heart.

A User wrote in it: “@Dagibee, but what if you thought you were happy and now you wish you hadn’t taken the step?” The YouTuber replied: “You were happy and everything has a purpose in life. Perhaps the step was necessary to learn from him …“It’s no wonder fans are re-thinking it could have ended between the two of them.

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+ + 06/26/2015: Dagi commented on the rumors + +

No, the YouTuber did not comment on the rumors on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, but in a comment below the music video for “KC Rebell – Are you Real.” Your clear message under the song is hard to miss: “Everything is fine with Timo. I don’t know how some people realize that I broke up with him. We are still together ”.

Well that’s a clear statement. By the way, Dagi also participates in the music video and the comment below the video had the nice side effect that the video was clicked much more frequently and experienced a real hype. Hopefully it stays that way, because Liont doesn’t seem to be doing very well at the moment. He announced that he would no longer post videos.

+ + Why did the separation rumors arise? + +

In its Twitter account wrote the animated YouTuberin: “Please, never fix your whole life on one person … whether they are your idols, friends or lovers … nothing is forever.” That sounds very dramatic in any case! And fans immediately got a bad feeling too. Then someone asked: “@Dagibee is something with Timo …?”

To which Dagi replied: “Even if something were … These are things you shouldn’t worry about at all … YOUR life is important!” Hmm… that sounds a lot like the two of them are arguing a bit right now or they don’t get along. We hope it’s just a little fight between the lovers, as the two recently celebrated their fourth anniversary. But there can be a crisis in any relationship and that’s why fans don’t need to worry just yet.

+ + This is how the whole relationship between the two began + +

Did you know that Dagi only became known by Timo? And do you know the story of how the two came together? We have all the information on YouTuber Liont and DagiBee’s dream couple!

In 2011, Timo uploaded his first video to YouTube, his first rap songs even in 2008 on the “Myspace” platform. And it was precisely his music that made the beautiful Dagmara known. Dagi starred in one of her first music videos and fans wanted to see more of her. With little said than done, Dagi launched her YouTube channel in 2012.

Here is the video of Liont with Dagi: