Dagi enamorado

Dagi: new friend

Dagi in love

Rude statement from Eugen! Loud Celepedida.de already regrets that he fell in love with Dagi.My mother is saddened that Dagi fans call me a “jerk” on Instagram. I’m sorry I fell in love with Dagi! “Violent words! Since it became known that the video editor was dating Dagi, he has also become a small celebrity on Instagram – he now has around 10,000 new followers. It’s not always easy, especially since many Dagi fans are jealous. Dagi has yet to comment on this statement from Eugen.

+++ Dagi confirms her relationship with Eugen +++

She hasn’t made it so official yet, but she has uploaded a photo of herself and Eugen and underneath it says: too happy to put into words. ☁️7… You can’t talk about a new love more clearly, right?