Piercing Daith: joyas, costos y riesgos

Daith piercing: jewelry, costs and risks

Daith piercing: jewelry, costs and risks

Ear piercing

Daith piercings are one of the absolute trend piercings. The perforation is pierced through the innermost bulge of the atrium, so that it sits close to the ear canal. Do you like the idea of ​​such a small eye-catcher next to your classic pierced ears? Then, find out here what jewelry you can wear, how much the piercing is priced and what risks there are during and after the piercing.

Nothing against the traditional pierced ears in the earlobe, but there are types of piercings that create a much greater surprise factor around our hearing organ. In addition to shells and industrial piercings, this definitely includes daith piercings. It sits so centrally in the ear that you are guaranteed envious or at least attentive glances. Of course, only if you show it off with the right hairstyle. At work you can easily hide it with your hair open. You also have a choice when it comes to the connector: simple and purist or colorful and eye-catching?

This jewelry makes your daith piercing stand out.

The daith piercing offers you a number of design options. We have searched Instagram for you and selected some great examples of which rings and plugs can look great on the inner ear.

At first, a bent plug is inserted into your ear, which can already shine very well:

After the healing phase, you can, for example, wear a ring with filigree coils.:

Or how about these sparkling heart-shaped jewelry?

You have to take these costs into account for your Daith

The price of the piercing (+ the first one, medical plug) depends entirely on the specifications of your piercing studio. Prices are set individually, so we can only provide you with general guidelines.

Our research has shown that you can expect drilling costs between € 30 and € 60. The best thing to do is clear the price with the piercer again before you start piercing.

Of course, there are many other ear piercing options. Cartilage is great for pretty rings and gemstones. Here we show you which ear piercings you can beautify your ear with:

Daith piercings: how bad is the pain and what are the risks?

We don’t want to lie to you – the stinging and healing process can be painful. Since the piercing is pierced with pressure through a thick, firm piece of cartilage in the ear, it can be quite pinching. Healing also takes longer than many other piercings, that is, up to six months.

This means that you run the risk of it turning on quickly and really nasty if you don’t care about it and also play with it. If the inflammation goes so far that the area around the puncture canal becomes swollen, the piercing should be removed and replaced with a longer rod if necessary. Only in this way and with more care, the healing can continue without problems.

The daith piercing can be perfectly combined with other piercings on the face and in the ear.

Myth: does daith piercing help with migraines?

Finally, we want to clarify a question that is often read in relation to daith piercing: Can piercing, once healed, really help against pain and migraines? It is said to have this miraculous effect because it is located directly at an acupuncture site on the pinna. When pressure is applied or when this point is punctured, the brain sends more pain-relieving messenger substances to the body, which should also relieve headaches.

However, there is no scientific study to support this assumption. The German Migraine and Headache Society even warns against daith piercing as a remedy for headaches because there is no evidence and the risk of inflammation would be too high.

Video: The History of Drilling

Piercings have a long history and tradition. In our video you can find out everything about body jewelry throughout the years.

If you want a daith piercing, you should not do it for health reasons, because it could be counterproductive. Be aware of all the risks beforehand and get advice from your piercer if you have further questions. What extraordinary piercings do you like? If you are fascinated by the trend for body jewelry, take a look at microdermal piercings, jestrum piercings, skinny piercings, and other types of cool piercings!

Image Sources: Getty Images / Georgie Hunter, iStock / shironosov