¡Peligro!  Nueva trampa en itinerancia

Danger! New roaming trap

Danger!  New roaming trap

Hidden roaming charges despite being abolished

There were long discussions about whether and how Abolition of roaming charges and finally, after what seemed like an eternity (we had almost given up hope), they became yesterday, June 15, 2017, pulped for the EU. So now we can fully Surf relaxed on the beach, post photos on Instagram and send funny videos via Snapchat (as long as you have a mobile phone contract or EU prepaid card) without having to worry that we will be poor afterwards or that there will be another discussion with parents about the high mobile phone costs. But sadly, not everything is as perfect as previously thought. Because providers, as Süddeutsche reported, are now looking for loopholes, as they can allow customers to pay for roaming. You have to pay attention to this: